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Thank you for stopping by. These pages reflect my love for  all cats, from my gentle sweet persians to the cats of the wild.  I dedicate  these pages to the beauty of the rare and beautiful Golden Tabby and White  Tigers.

The Golden Tabby Tiger : An extremely rare colouration,  recognized by some experts, but  considered an aberration by others, is that  of the golden tiger, also known as the golden tabby, goldenBengal, or  strawberry tiger. No official name has been designated for the  colour. India has records of wild golden tigers dating back as far as the  early 1900's.  I have raised Shaded Golden Persians so this color  fascinates me. There have been suggestions that the tendency  for this colouration gradually developed in a small group of tigers  living in an area of heavy clay concentration. The unusual colour would  provide these tigers with extra camoflage. The theory remains  unproven. The golden tiger's white coat and gold patches make it stand  out from the norm. The striping on these tigers is much paler than usual and  often fades into spots or large prominent patches. Tabbies tend to  be larger and have softer fur than their orange relatives.

As is the  case with white tigers, the unusual golden colour is caused by a separate and  distinct recessive gene. At last count there were under 30 of these  rare tigers in the world.  Like their white cousins all golden tabby  tigers have a Bengal parentage.

The painting below is another wonderful piece of artwork by the talented Kayomi.

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